Get Out of a Job Funk

Did you wake up today dreading going to work? Did you lie in bed hitting the snooze alarm more than you should have? What’s the problem? Do you hate your job? Maybe, but chances are you are just in some sort of job funk. Most people experience regular ups and downs in their work. One month things will be going great; you’re working on exciting projects, getting good feedback, etc., and then something happens; you start to get frustrated, annoyed or disengaged. When motivation levels drop then you have a problem. So how can you stay satisfied during these ups and downs? Here are a few ideas:

  • Ask for feedback and/or answers. If you’re frustrated, go to the source. Figure out what the problem is and ask for answers.
  • Talk to your manager. Don’t be afraid to approach your boss. He or she should be on your side and be willing to address any issues or concerns.
  • Propose solutions. No one likes a whiner. Don’t just lay out all the problems and not offer any ideas or suggestions. Propose the best course of action for all involved.
  • Get innovative. Find what inspires and motivates you and figure out how to use that in your job. Ask for projects that will use the skills you want or suggest a new project based on your latest research and interests.
  • Take a vacation. This may seem a little extreme, but sometimes taking a break can make a huge difference. It can provide a chance to recharge and reset your motivation.

Good things happen when you are happy at work, both personally and professionally. Personally, you will come home in a better mood and have a good outlook. Professionally, you will want to work hard, achieve your goals and exceed expectations. Don’t let work get you down. Get out of your funk and take job satisfaction into your own hands.